Hit the Water This Summer With Adventures in Kayaking

Started by recreation enthusiasts Jason Bristol and Mark Pecot, 41 North Coastal Kayak Adventures serves folks from all over the west side who are looking for a little fun and adventure.

For those looking to experience a little freedom and fun on the Lake Erie waters this summer, then 41 North Coastal Kayak Adventures may have just the answer. 

Founded in 2003 by Mark Pecot and Jason Bristol, 41 North specialized exclusively in kayak instruction, but by 2006, the small recreation company recognized the growing need and demand for a full-service kayak rental business. 

“After five years, there’s no one doing it quite on the scale that we’re doing it,” Pecot said. “We use high quality equipment. Where many rental shops use kayaks purchased at ‘big box’ stores for $200, we’re using kayaks that cost anywhere from $1000 to $1500. 

“We have equipment that fits well, light weight paddles and a helpful, hands-on staff that easily gets customers and families on the water. Our customers see the difference in quality and service and that’s why they come back.” 

Additionally, they’re going to be offering stand-up paddle board instruction for water sports enthusiasts who want to learn how to use these brand new floatation devices. 

“It’s pretty much an 11-foot surfboard that you stand up on, and you use a long, light weight paddle,” he said. “It’ll be great for those who are looking for a full-body workout.” 

41 North is located in the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River reservation at the bottom of the Detroit Road hill just past the Lakewood border on the shores of the Rocky River. 


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