Here's How to Vote in Patch's My Favorite Survey!

Want to recommend your favorite burger? Write a review on Patch Places.

OK, folks, time to step up to the plate and vote for your favorite burger in Patch's My Favorite survey.

Rather than use a poll, we're doing things a little differently: We're asking readers to vote by rating their favorite burger restaurant on the Patch Places directory. 

Lakewood Local Editor  then will choose Lakewood's most favorite burger based on the reviews.

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to vote and tell the world about your favorite Lakewood burger: 

• Step 1: First make sure you are signed in as a user of the site.

If you don't have a sign-in, it's easy! Just click on the word 'join' at the upper right side of the home page. We'll then ask for an email address to guard against spammers. Then you're all set to comment on our site.

If you're not signed up, it's a snap to get an account

• Step 2: After you're signed in, click on the name of a restaurant from the following list: 

 Step 3: Leave your most glowing review!

The winner will be announced on Lakewood Patch on Friday. Still a little confused?

Email local editor Colin McEwen at colin.mcewen@patch.com.


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