Good Goat Gallery Opens, Expansion Eyed on Madison Avenue

The new gallery recently opened its doors at 17012 Madison Avenue.

Just several weeks into her new art store, the owner of The Good Goat Gallery is already eyeing an expansion into the storefront next door on Madison Avenue.

It's the natural next step.

The brightly colored store is one part welcoming and another part whimsical.

The new gallery at 17012 Madison Avenue currently features the work of nine artists — in a variety of mediums.

Think painting, pottery, jewelry, photography and “upcycling.” 

Good Goat Gallery owner Nancy Cintron, a Lakewood native, said she wanted to create a welcoming and positive environment. 

“Everything in here is happy, whimsical and humorous,” she said. 

Before opening the store, Cintron was teaching art at Beck Center for the Arts, but she also spent time painting and selling her work online.

“I’ve been dreaming about having a gallery for many years,” she said. “This has all happened really fast. When the opportunity came, we began building the space.”

The back half of the business is still used as a carpentry workshop, but Cintron said she plans to also use the space for artist workshops.

Cintron said she’s looking to move into the vacant storefront next door and is planning a renovation. She’d like to launch a non-profit organization to offer community art, music and creative writing workshops.

With the Breakneck Gallery on the other side, she said it’s an ideal location.

“We’re trying to build an art community,” Cintron said.

The story behind the name of the gallery? 

“I really like goats,” Cintron said. “They’re usually portrayed as Satanic animals, but they’re really good animals.”

The gallery’s motto is “Be Good. Do Good Things.”

“I want to good things with the gallery,” she said.

For more on the gallery, including upcoming shows, visit the website.

ian king March 01, 2013 at 11:02 PM
CONGRATS! Now, lets convince city officials to turn some of the empty school buildings into art space/studios for artists in the city of Lakewood. Why have these building sitting empty when they could generate some revenue for the city and also serve a need for our artists?
ian king April 06, 2013 at 12:14 AM
BTW, was in a few days ago and THIS is what a shop/store/boutique should be - nicely displayed art work, craft objects and all colorfully and tastefully done. It reminded me of the small shops in Potrero Hill and Valencia St. areas of San Francisco. Shops that spend a bit of time and money on display for their customers; and not just putting up some Lowe's shelving or a few nails on the wall to display their products. I hope your neighbors who have shops/stores in the area take a peek inside your place, and check out how an inviting to spend time/shop should look. Most of Lakewood's small shops seem to lack a strong aesthetic interior design. They look cheap, use poor lighting, and are just plain outdated looking when compared to shops around the USA, or even in Columbus. Basically, they just aren't 2013 hip! Rather 1990s dull. Soooo CONGRATS! for setting a high bar/standard for Lakewood small business owners - I hope they can meet the challenge!


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