Doors Close at Sullivan’s Irish Pub

The employees were told not to return, and the popular Madison Avenue eatery has been shuttered since Friday.

The lights are on at , but there’s no one home. 

In fact, the doors of the popular Madison Avenue restaurant and pub are shut and locked.

Several large boxes, stuffed with decorations, can be seen through the windows.

The parking lot is empty and a cone blocks the rear entrance on Chesterland Avenue. 

Employees were told last Friday not to come into work — and not much else.

It’s not clear whether the business has closed temporarily, or permanently. 

The employees don’t know either.

Rich Nedly, who owns the business, did not return several calls seeking comment, and neither did Patrick Sullivan — who sold the business to Nedly.

Sullivan still owns the building.

An Irish-music band scheduled to perform at the restaurant was locked out when they tried to play on Friday.

More than a few customers stopped by during the weekend, then left disappointed.

“(Nedly) handed back the keys (to Sullivan) and walked away,” said a former employee who asked to not be identified. 

The restaurant — picked by Lakewood Patch readers as having and the — changed hands earlier this year.

Tish Evans August 04, 2012 at 12:54 AM
I feel bad for Patrick. I've known him for years and this is not fair. I saw Patrick in April in Nashville, and he seemed happy about the sale. The problem is Pat is great and so were his employees especially Neal. Now all is gone and Dave and I haven't been back since. No Pat, no Neal, no us. Come back Pat we miss you!
Todd McCaskey August 30, 2012 at 06:07 PM
I was always jealous that my brother Jon had his own mug at Sullivans. So, last time I was there, I ordered 3 mugs (1 for myself, 1 for my wife, & 1 for my brother's fiance). About every 2 weeks I would call to see if my mugs came in, because I was planning to give this mug to my brother's soon to be wife on their wedding day. Two months went by & my mugs never came in & they never arrived in time for the wedding. Sadly, the doors to Sullivan's closed before I ever received my mugs. That really chaps my a*@! I paid $75 for mugs that I never received & never had any follow-up correspondence from either Nedley or the Sullivan's staff. Perhaps either Nedley or Patrick Sullivan (as he owns the building & probably still has a set of keys) could post a sign in the window stating a date/time that customers could come pick up their mugs. It's the least you could do for your most loyal customers.
Todd McCaskey August 30, 2012 at 06:08 PM
Some of you might not totally understand, and I'm guessing that you probably don't own your own personalized Sullivan's mug. Or maybe you're not Irish. Anyways, there was a point in time when that mug was my brother's best friend. That mug was there in the good times for all of our celebrations & even during the bad times when things were tough...thru thick n thin. That mug was a part of our family...as much as a dog is part of a family. If you weren't fortunate enough to own a dog, then that mug was "man's best friend". So, do you think I want to receive the 3 mugs I ordered and paid for? And do you think my brother, Jon, wants his mug back?
Doug November 26, 2012 at 12:01 AM
How do we get our mugs, I have 3
Mary Lou Lardi January 17, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Just found out that Sullivan's was closed. I live in Conneaut, so would only go there three to four times a year, but I have two mugs, as well. What is up with that?? Mary Lou


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