Development Eyed for Vacant Auto Dealerships

City officials meet with property owners to discuss proposals for Detroit Avenue development.

Two vacant auto dealerships on Detroit Avenue might see some new life after one of the property owners agreed to allow the city to explore development opportunities.

But any grand plans may have to wait a while.

Mayor Michael Summers and Dru Siley, the assistant director of planning and development, met recently with Al Spitzer — of the — to discuss the future of the property.

The city is also eyeing potential uses for the abandoned Ganley dealership a few blocks away.

 Summers said Spitzer agreed to allow the city move forward with its idea to collect proposals from developers.

“That allows is to take some offense,” said. “I am hopeful that we can attract some developers who are doing this all over the country,” he said, adding that the city will be able to explore the options with the much-anticipated release of US Census information. “I guess the key is that we can get more experienced minds working on this and get some ideas.”

It’s the land that’s available that city officials believe will be the main selling point. 

The vacant Spitzer dealership in the 13900 block of Detroit Avenue sits on about two acres of land. The Ganley dealership — at the intersection of Detroit and Grace avenues — has a 30,000-square-feet structure on just over an acre of land.

Siley said in a city like Lakewood — which he said has nearly reached its development potential — and having that much land to develop, is a valuable resource.

And with an estimated 8,000 automobiles that pass that area each day, so is the location.

“For urban sites in a city like Lakewood, on a street like Detroit, those are pretty good chunks of land,” Siley said.

The properties don’t have a price tag yet, but Siley said that’s one of the next steps.

The existing buildings probably wouldn’t be a part of a developer’s plans, he added.

“Reusing that kind of building — it was (built) specifically for a car dealership — as it is, would a real challenge,” Siley said.

One potential use for the land is single-story housing for seniors.

“What we’re seeing in our market, is that we don’t have a great supply,” he said. “Seniors don’t want to shovel snow, they don’t want to deal with stairs or a big house — but they don’t want to live in an apartment. We want to be able to keep (seniors) here.”

The land, zoned for commercial purposes, could also be eyed for a “mixed-use project.”

 “The market is going to drive what those properties will become — we just want to let people know they are available.” 

lakerockbay February 24, 2011 at 11:42 AM
we need an electronic/appliance store(Best Buy)!
Bill D. Engler March 07, 2011 at 07:57 PM
Some of the former Car Dealerships on Detroit, have been transformed into other uses. Such as where Dennis Kucinich's Lakewood office is at. That building was originally The Baily Buick Co. Look up at front of the building. That name is in the concrete. It also in the 60's was Biles Buick. Then there's the old Jackshaw Pontiac Dealership. Which is now a National Tire and Battery store and service center. Though maybe another auto dealer or Big Box Store would work out in either location.
Marvin March 31, 2011 at 03:33 AM
best Buy would require a lot more land, We lack the mass of medium and big box retail they are attracted to. I would like to see a Whole Foods go in there.
Bill D. Engler March 31, 2011 at 04:09 AM
The empty old Giant Eagle store. Which was originally a Kroger store. Could be used for another Supermarket or food type store, like Save-A-Lot, Trader Joe's, or even a Heinen's. There is ample parking east & west of that building. As far as the Spitzer property, all of the parking there would be away from the store. Accross the street next to the closed down empty Tuffy Store. Tear all of that down, and they could have a Senior Housing Development. The old Ganley A.D. Pelunis property could be used for some sort of Automotive Business. Notice they are storing Hondas on that Property for the North Olmsted Ganley Dealership. There are also a few dozen or so so empty properties on Detroit that need to have something done with them. And that includes the renovated Bailey Building, not much of it being occupied at this time.
xv May 16, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Old Giant Eagle will be a Get Go station soon


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