New McDonald's in Lakewood: A Timeline

It’s been more than a year since the Detroit Theatre closed its doors after nearly 90 years in business. Now, demolition is set to begin.

It’s been more than a year since the closed its doors after nearly 90 years in business.

Just months after that, McDonald’s announced plans to plant the Golden Arches in its place. 

Here’s the timeline since for the last time.

Jan. 30, 2011: The at the Detroit Theatre.

April: about closing the Sloane Avenue location, and re-opening someone else in the city.

June 15: More than to discuss the proposal.

July 14: McDonald's representatives to city officials.

July 29: Inspired by the McDonald’s proposal, with drive-thrus in the city.

Aug. 17: to discuss historic preservation.

Sept. 8: OK’s the architectural plans.

October: shows that there would be “no adverse effect” on traffic on Detroit and Woodward avenues as a result of the McDonald’s. Residents disagree.

Nov. 2: hold a rally to protest the fast-food restaurant’s plans.

Nov. 3: to combine two parcels of land at the site. The commission also granted a conditional use permit to allow an accessory parking lot in a residential district — at the rear of the property.

January 2012: to the zoning code that make the rules for drive-thrus in Lakewood more strict.

February: McDonald’s of the Detroit Theatre and the construction of the fast-food restaurant.  McDonald’s to lease the building from Lakewood-based property owner Zaremba Group.


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