Cox Cable: No Refunds for Channel Blackout

The blackout is over. But some customers still aren't happy.

The cable dispute between Cox Cable and Raycom — the one that took a couple channels off the air for a few days — has ended, but customers aren’t quite satisfied.

Rev. Dave Connor, a Lakewood resident who reached out to Cox, said his request for a $1.50 refund was intially denied. He had calculated that the loss of service was equal to about 50 cents per day. 

After some back-and-forth, the company finally agreed to grant Connor the refund he'd asked for.

“Some ‘friend in the digital age,’” he said, referencing the company’s ad campaign. 

Dana Alexander Nolfe, the director of communications for Cox, said that the company granted his refund as a “gesture of goodwill,” but added that no one else will likely be given a similar refund.

“We are not crediting our customers as a result of the Raycom dispute,” she said. “We offer a package of channels, not individual channels on our lineup. We regularly make changes to our lineup, mostly with additions, but at times, regrettably, when a channel is removed from our lineup.”

She said that in this case, “Raycom removed their channels from our lineup. We understand the impact on our customers, but we were not legally permitted to air the channels once Raycom removed them.”

Nolfe also noted that both WUAB and WOIO are free, over-the-air channels.

“That is also part of why we had the dispute,” she added. “Raycom was raising their fees on Cox because the FCC allows them to do so, but simultaneously they transmit their signals for free.”

Barbara malkowski January 14, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Cox cable has always had poor customer service, even years ago when they we first starting out. If you want true cable switch to satellite its far better!
ian king January 14, 2013 at 10:02 PM
Cox is THE WORST! How about crediting all the NE Ohio Cox cable customers who were without service for days during Hurricane Sandy? Cox is nothing but a PR campaign that constantly tells us how wonderful they are, but in reality they could care less. No service for days when Hurricane Sandy hit and now no service when Cox decides to drop WOIO for days = what does this tell you about their "so-called customer service"!! It speaks volumes of "could care less" - and how much more money can we make off our cable monopoly in NE Ohio!
Paul Grimm January 14, 2013 at 10:13 PM
Cox is awful. Some Lakewood residents rave about Cox, but my experience is that they are overpriced and their service is bad. The best thing about Cox is their internet speed. ATT Uverse is more affordable and has not had a channel blackout (yet).
leapinlambchop January 14, 2013 at 10:36 PM
I have ATT uverse and it did blackout for at least 4 days. also I called and they said I would be reimbursed for the days I had no cable, however that was a lie.


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