Bites Nearby: Bar Cento

Fine — yet casual — dining in Ohio City.

Ohio City is a great place to be eating in the summer with all the al fresco dining that is available there.

Just across the street from the West Side Market on West 25th Street- about a ten minute drive from Lakewood — Bar Cento shares its ingress with Bier Markt and has outdoor seating, semi-outdoor seating and indoor seating.

The décor has an updated, yet Italian rustic feel to it with rich browns and sage-greens on the walls and an overall candlelit glow. The bar was built with repurposed barn planks, gauzy reddish shades drape the pendant lights, and tables are prepared with unfussy settings.

No white cloths here.

Small brown bags of crusty bread and cruets of olive oil are on the tables. One shoud know, this tried-and-true pair couples very well with the right glass of wine while perusing dinner options. The menu, which at first glance seems short, soon reveals itself to carry some culinary heft, and the duly capable kitchen makes it happen.

The wines are classified by boldness and itemized by name, varietal, US state or country of origin and price, $22-70/bottle; wines by the glass are $7-10 and are listed on the dinner menu.

Antipasti boards, $15 or 21, are significant and enticing – especially on a warm evening when a piping hot anything is not desirable.

The Insalate (salads) are described nominally, but are vegetal and beautiful and range from $5-8; there are seven options altogether for the Pasti and Secondi, $14-20; pizzas are categorized by traditional (like the Margherita with fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil) or modern (duck confit, local goat cheese, rhubarb, chives and fresh orange zest), $7-13.

And as if that’s not enough, there is a smattering of Belgian fare from right next door where 99 Belgian beers are also available.

The word “cento” in English means a conglomeration or patchwork, in Italian it means one hundred and there is, also, an Italian city named Cento in the province of Ferrara up north in the Po Valley.

Whatever the inspiration for the name was, Bar Cento is a conglomeration of a restaurateur’s vision: culinary talent with a firm grasp on Italian cuisine and a capable, pleasant wait-staff that ties it all together for the perfect presentation. This scores 100 in my book.

Credit cards are accepted. There is street parking and a $5 parking lot around the corner. They do take reservations via Open Table.


Monday - Friday: 4:30 PM-2:30 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM-2:30 AM
Sunday: 4:30 PM-2:30 AM

Peter Chakerian July 16, 2011 at 04:25 PM
Their Sunrise Pizza and the "not-on-the-menu" Cleveland Polish Boy Pizza (tell the wait staff you want one and ask them to put it on the menu!) are hands down some of the area's best 'za eats. No question or doubt about it. And the Bar Cento frites with their curry mayo are on my Last Supper list.They're ridiculous.


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