As Spitzer Development Plans Reviewed, Ganley Property Also Sits Empty

Spitzer reviews plan for three-story, 40-unit senior housing development. Ganley denied similar offer from the city to make a request for proposals.

With auto dealership in the works, attention is turning to another large, empty piece of property up Detroit Avenue.

The Ganley Lakewood dealership — at the intersection of Detroit and Grace avenues — has a 30,000-square-feet structure on just over an acre of land.

And it’s been empty for some time. 

City officials have said that in a city like Lakewood, having that much land to develop is a valuable resource.

And with an estimated 8,000 automobiles that pass that area each day, so is the location.

, city officials announced that their request for proposals at the Spitzer site yielded plans for a three-story, 40-unit senior housing development on the parcel west of Parkwood Avenue on Detroit Avenue.

 “We  staff to talk about doing a similar request for proposal,” said Dru Siley, the city’s assistant director of planning and development. “They didn’t take us up on it.”

For now, he said, the city will have to wait.

“I know (the owners of the Ganley property) are interested in the next life of that property, but they don’t have any designs on that right now,” Siley added.


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