The city of Lakewood made number 38 on a list of the 50 safest cities in Ohio, compiled by safewise.com this week.

"If you like that big city feel but don’t necessarily want to live in a huge city, Lakewood will offer you plenty of that," reads the SafeWise blog.

"It boasts the highest population density of any city in Ohio, home to roughly 52,000 residents into just six square miles,"

"This Cleveland suburb is an original “inner-ring” city, and boasts a strong economy anchored by its downtown business district.

"In fact, Lakewood has thrived economically even during times when neighboring cities and much of the rest of the nation has been in economic decline."

To compile this report, SafeWise used the most recent FBI crime data from 2011, population, and other ranking factors, like unique safety initiatives and security programs implemented within the past few years. From the hundreds of cities in Ohio, researchers narrowed the list down to 50 and assigned rankings according to how the city met the criteria. 

“When neighbors know each other, they look out for each other,” SafeWise security analyst John Roskelley said. “Ohio's safest cities are brimming with civically minded residents who clearly take pride in where they live."

See the full list here.


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